ALCE Microbiological Labs & ALCE INTERNATIONAL

Production of liquid lactic starters, liquid concentrates, frozen and freeze-dried; blue moulds for herbal cheeses

Production of liquid lactic starters, liquid concentrates, frozen and freeze-dried; blue moulds for herbal cheeses; liquid, powder and paste calf rennet and coagulants; enzymes and technological coadjuvants. For more than fifty years ALCE has been an outstanding leader and a reference point for those who work in the cheese and dairy industry. The company's reliability and expertise are rooted in the different activities performed, from discovery to applied research to quality control, and to the production and distribution of technological coadjuvants. The qualified Technical and Sales Teams at ALCE provide customers with assistance and support on a daily basis in order to optimize use of the best and most innovative production technologies, while fully respecting the characteristics that determine the quality, authenticity and naturalness of the Italian cheese-making tradition. The mission defined by ALCE is to supply products that enhance the dairy sector with added value by helpin to

improve and maintain quality through continued research and development, as well as specialized technical assistance. Experience and innovation over the years have enabled the company to produce successfully a wealth of lactic starters, in liquid, concentrated, frozen or freeze-dried forms. Blue moulds used for cheeses with herbs are also produced. In addition, to cater to the population with food allergies and intolerances, the company has introduced a line of gluten free products guaranteed and certified for celiac patients. The strength of ALCE lies in the fact that it is never confined to selecting standard formulas and schemes, but instead provides customized solutions for each customer and the different production processes utilized. Support and assistance is guaranteed throughout the year and during the entire production phase: from milk delivery, to storage, pasteurization, to transformation and ripening. It is ALCE 's policy to respect Italian cheese-making traditions and product quality, therefore only autochthonous natural lactic starters are used, while following all regulation updates and strictly adhering to new laws brought into effect both nationally and in the EU regarding DOP products.

Furthermore, with the technicians and the research analysts in the lab of BIOLAB RESEARCH – subsidiary of the Group - ALCE is capable of offering cheese producers state-of-the-art transformation technologies and technical assistance for all cheese types, ensuring innovative and certified products and quality analysis from the processing of milk as the raw material to the final cheese product. In 1995, after completing the series of technological coadjuvants for dairies, a new division was founded, initially named Concorde but now called ALCE INTERNATIONAL. ALCE INTERNATIONAL is dedicated to the production of natural calf rennet – in liquid, paste or powder form – and of frozen or freeze-dried lactic starters. The same production principles adopted by the other subsidiaries of the Group form the basis of this establishment as well: quality, authenticity, innovation, respect for the tradition of the typical product as a healthy natural food product. The importance of rennet in cheese-making technologies, its economic relevance and irreplaceable role as "technological coadjuvant" brought ALCE INTERNATIONAL to develop the idea of cheese-making with natural rennet, while very carefully taking into account the legal sanctions and directives regarding such food products.

With sizeable investments made in analytical research and by adopting tough criteria for selecting raw materials, ALCE INTERNATIONAL guarantees safety and satisfies customers' needs thanks to its ability to be flexible and to customize the production of rennet according to specific requests. The aim and execution of ALCE INTERNATIONAL to produce high quality rennet, particularly in demand by the larger producers of fine cheeses such as Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano, is why the company continues to receive critical acclaim from its customers as a highly-qualified partner in the cheese and dairy sector. Currently, the MOFIN ALCE GROUP, with ALCE and ALCE INTERNATIONAL are part of this, is at the farefront of the Italian as well as the international market, with special regard to the production of latic starters used for making the most important and world-renowed cheeses. In light of its success in the sector and its growing international profile, the Group is now setting un a branch for the American market, named ALCE NORTH AMERICA. The objective is to offer assistance on the premises with the same principle of mantaining high standards of quality for foreign customer cheese producers.