Analysis Laboratory and Quality Assurance of the Mofin Alce Group

BIOLAB RESEARCH is one of the most advanced science research and analysis laboratories for lactic acid bacteria in the sector. The BIOLAB Laboratory performs all research activity and analysis for the various units of the Mofin Alce Group – and also for third parties – and carries out quality control analysis of the final food products to certify the products' safety and quality.

BIOLAB specializes in all types of standard analysis for milk-derived products, lactic starters and foods produced for special diets. The reaserchers team enrolled carries out a wide range of chemical analyses on different microbiological, biomolecular and attitudinal applications, and of general chemistry and analytical fine chemistry. In addition, by using specific systems, methodologies and innovative instruments, it can provide customized analysis to meet the individual needs of the customer. Regarding the dairy industry in particular, BIOLAB stands as an authoritative and important reference

point for cheese producers and generally for those who work in the cheese and dairy industry.Through accurate physico-chemical and microbiological analyses, the laboratory guarantees each customer of the Group a complete service of analytical tests of the raw material 'milk' aimed at controlling the quality of the products and the various technological processes. With the utmost care, BIOLAB monitors the entire production process and analysis of milk, from milking in the stables to the milk's entrance in pasteurization vats,and from the start of ripening until the final product is ready

to be placed on the market. The Ministry of Health has granted authority to the BIOLAB Laboratory for self-certification, and it is also registered with the Piedmont Region for Milk-Quotas. Moreover, it management system for quality conforms to regulation UNI CEI EN ISO 17025, and it is also accredited ACCREDIA (n. 0669). The list of the testing methods is available at the laboratory.