Leader since 1950 in the production of lactic starters and green blue moulds

Leader since 1950 in the production of lactic starters and green blue moulds, and today also of probiotic cultures; Innovation and research following the best tradition. Thanks to more than 50 years of experience and to the entrepreneurial skills of the MOGNA family handed down from father to son over three generations, today the MOFIN ALCE Group stands as a first rate, world-renowned producer of lactic starters, blue moulds, enzymes, and rennet for the cheese and dairy industry, and probiotic cultures for food and pharmaceutical companies. The MOFIN ALCE Group began in 1950 by Mario Mogna when the first company of the group was established in Novara: "The ALCE Microbiological Laboratory". From the core company, ALCE – producer of lactic starters and blue moulds – other activities in research, production and services were gradually developed. Parallel to this, programs for research, development and diversification were implemented

forming the foundation for the Group's capacity for flexibility in response to the evolving market and its growing demand for technological coadjuvants. Today the following subsidiaries make up the Group: PROBIOTICAL SPA, dedicated to the activity of research, development and the production of probiotic strains, as well as the realization of finished probiotic/synbiotic products for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical companies; PROBIOTICAL HEALTHCARE, specializing in the sales of probiotic cultures for food and pharmaceutical industries; ALCE INTERNATIONAL, dedicated to production and sales of calf rennet – in liquid, powder or paste; coagulants; frozen and freeze-dried lactic starters; technological coadjuvants; BIOLAB RESEARCH, analysis laboratory accredited by the Ministry of Health for self-certification and by the Piedmont Region for milk-quotas. Although established in 1950, the MOFIN ALCE Group is rooted even further in the past: in the 1920s Mario Mogna's father, Alfonso Mogna, laid the foundation for the family business, allowing his son to concentrate on his studies and micro

biological research activities particularly on lactic starters. Mario Mogna, known in the sector as a "pioneer" and creator of the so-called "Liquid starters for unheated milk inoculum into the vat", was able to launch the company successfully and make it grow ten-fold in a fifty-year time span. Mario's son Giovanni Mogna, is the current President of the Group, and has brought the business to the height of pre-eminence among Italian dairies, forming the basis for MOFIN ALCE's broadly-ranged activities. The unparalleled excellence of the MOFIN ALCE Group is based on solid values and set principles deriving from the idea that new research and tradition must proceed hand in hand. Maintaining this viewpoint, new principles and criteria of production developed out of scientific research and technological advancements are aimed to introduce relevant and concrete improvements while following the traditional production processes. Today, the MOFIN ALCE Group is the major producer of direct milk inoculation of liquid starters and is distinguished as supplier of autochthonous natural starters,

strictly conforming to the DOP regulations (EU status of PDO - Protected Designation of Origin) for its use in cheese production. As a business to business type of firm, MOFIN ALCE considers its clients to be true partners: information, special requests and potential solutions are discussed and designed in a collaborative effort with the aim to obtain the best possible result. For this purpose MOFIN ALCE provides a network of professional technical assistance on a daily basis in order to guide customers in the correct application of production technologies. The MOFIN ALCE Group wishes to consolidate its position as leader in the Italian and international market with constant and accurate research and by collaborating with different multinational companies, implementing projects that can open new windows of opportunity for growth and development. We believe that each new discovery does not represent a point of arrival, but instead a new starting point.