Probiotic research, development and production for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Probiotic research, development and production for the food and pharmaceutical industries PROBIOTICAL was founded in 1985 as an innovative unit dedicated to the research and production of probiotic bacteria: living microorganisms which when ingested in adequate quantities induce specific health benefits in the host.

PROBIOTICAL is the partner of choice for companies seeking high-quality probiotic and/or synbiotic products with guaranteed safety, stability and efficacy. The company offers a broad portfolio of probiotic active ingredients at standard concentrations which are supported by strain characterisation and clinical studies.Besides, special attention is focused on the development and realisation of probiotic and/or synbiotic products with guaranteed efficacy for the duration of their shelf-life in powder, tablet or capsule form and packaged in sachets, sticks or blisters. With 1,200 square

metres of clean room laboratories, the Research & Development Centre represents the 'engine' of the company. A team of specialised scientists is committed to discovery and applied research of probiotics.The primary scope of this research is the identification and characterisation of probiotic strains with innovative health-promoting and technological properties. PROBIOTICAL offers patented technologies in the various processing phases to control variables which are critical to strain viability in order to stabilise the bacterial cells and the finished product. Product stability,

indispensable for probiotic efficacy, is guaranteed for a minimum of two years at 25°C. With an exclusive and patented allergen-free production process, PROBIOTICAL produces freeze dried strains in bio-bulk which are free of the potential allergens identified in Annex IIIa of Directive 2003/89/EC. These cultures are particularly indicated for paediatric applications and offer a solution to consumers suffering from food allergies and/or intolerances.